Harriet Newman Cohen
"It was an honor to work with Harriet Cohen."
"She drives the process to a conclusion."
"Thorough, scholarly, respected, smart and diligent to the core."
"She can really identify, because there isn't anything that a client is going through that she can't help with [via] her life experience."
"Harriet was always available for me and made me feel like I was the only client she had."

Bonnie E. Rabin
"Bonnie Rabin is extraordinarily talented."
"A zealous champion of her clients’ interests."
"Refuses to be intimidated by anyone, including judges and other lawyers."
"Adept in dealing with emergencies and sudden issues."
"Bonnie is amazing . . . a smart, compassionate, strong warrior!"

Martha Cohen Stine
"She practices on the highest level."
"Highly recommended! I will never forget what she did for my family."
"Really smart, energetic, sharp -- and very accessible."
"Gave me realistic expectations and helped our family move on with minimal trauma."
"She genuinely takes care of her clients."

Gretchen Beall Schumann
"So smart, sharp and incredibly personable."
"The “go-to” family lawyer in NYC, known for her expertise and winning track record."
"Took the time to educate me to understand my options and what I could expect."
"Her knowledge of international family law issues is unsurpassed."
"Energetic, clever and very user-friendly."