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GUNN V. HAMILTON, Landmark parental rights custody case (Bonnie Rabin, Gretchen Beall Schumann and Lindsay R. Pfeffer)

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Daily Mail   Woman Denied Rights To Ex-Partner's Adopted Son In Landmark Battle     April 15, 2017

Daily News  “We are relieved for our client and her child…it’s the right decision…and especially poignant with the inexplicable loss of Sheila Abdus-Salaam”. Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Frank Nervo ruled that Gunn didn’t have an “unabated plan” to adopt and raise a child with Hamilton  April 14, 2017

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New York Post   Huma Delays Divorce Hearing Until After Weiner's Sentencing “I think it's a smart thing to do,” said family law expert Bonnie Rabin. “Your earnings become your own when you're no longer married.”  June 14, 2017

Daily News   Experts Say Police Could Pursue Criminal Charges If Anthony Weiner Sent Sexts To 15-Year-Old Teen. "Harriet Cohen, a seasoned matrimonial lawyer, said high school kids as a group are increasingly "extreme graphic" on the internet, indulging in "risque behavior at younger and younger ages" — and Weiner was "acting in the role of predator" with this stream of texts.  "It raises a lot of questions about whether this is criminal behavior,” Cohen said.    September 21, 2016

New York Post  The Sofia Vergara Embryo Trial Could Change Men's Rights Forever  Martha Cohen Stine, a New York-based family law attorney, said fertility clinics typically require that couples sign paperwork before they begin in vitro fertilization (IVF).  The parties must check off options regarding the future of any embryos conceived, including the potential parents’ wishes to freeze, store, implant, or destroy them. It also covers what happens in the event of a separation or divorce.   September 16, 2016

New York Post    NYC Won’t Recognize Surrogate-Born Son’s Actual Parents   Martha Cohen Stine, a family-law expert . . . said “surrogacy laws in New York have not kept up with medical developments or with the reality that today, couples with fertility issues or same-sex issues have so many extraordinary options available if they want to have children.”    January 29, 2016

New York Post   Johnson’s Baby Shampoo Heiress Reignites Custody Battle With Ex-Boyfriend   Bissoon’s lawyer, Bonnie Rabin, said the new custody suit is “completely avoidable and unnecessary.”  January 29, 2016

Healthline News  Embryos Face Their Own Legal Battles. “Right now, there’s no legislation addressing our new reproductive frontier,” said Manhattan lawyer Martha Cohen Stine . . . who advises couples in similar situations.    December 19, 2016

New York Post    NBA’s Paul George Settles Paternity Battle George’s attorney Harriet Newman Cohen told us, “They have reached a settlement with full joint custody and a financial package. They will be raising their daughter together. Paul George had always intended to do the right thing, and he is thrilled to have a daughter. The settlement is generous, the child is going to have a wonderful life, and both parents will be equally involved in bringing her up.”   November 25, 2014

Indiana Star   Indiana Pacers Forward Paul George is Close to Settling a Paternity Suit That Will Include Joint Custody    "We're looking at joint custody both in action schedule as well as in decision making," said Harriet N. Cohen, George's New York-based family law attorney. "Paul was always, always ready to step up to the plate and do all those things and enjoy his daughter."   October 16, 2014

Daily News   NBA star Paul George is close to finalizing a “joint parenting, joint decision-making” resolution over his 5-month-old daughter   (Harriet Newman Cohen) October 16, 2014

New York Law Journal   Cohen Rabin Stine Schumann, a full-service family law firm, has signed a 10-year lease with SJP Properties Inc. at 11 Times Square   August 27, 2014

The Commercial Observer   Cohen Rabin Stine Schumann LLP, a full-service matrimonial, family law and litigation firm, will expand and relocate its headquarters from 7 Times Square to the more prestigious 11 Times Square this Fall    August 12, 2014

Forbes    Family Law Practice Is a Cut Above  New York Leaders in Law, Cohen Rabin Stine Schumann LLP  

New York Post    Martha Cohen Stine Comments on Rocker Liam Gallagher’s Custody Case Changing Venues    Seasoned family law attorney Martha Cohen Stine . . . speculated that Ghorbani jumped venues from family to supreme court because some litigants see the latter as having more sophisticated judges who regularly handle high-profile divorce cases. Ghorbani is suing for full custody and child support.    November 28, 2013

Redbook What Happily-Married Women Need to Know About Divorce  "Having your own income empowers you personally and financially," says family law attorney Martha Cohen Stine. "When you aren't financially dependent, you're also not as emotionally dependent."   November 27, 2013

New York Post   Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman  “It’s really a signal to the spouse who cheated that the wronged spouse is very angry and that it’s going to be a very nasty, scorched-earth, high-profile litigation,” said noted divorce attorney Martha Cohen Stine.    August 1, 2013

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New York Law Journal   Circuit Finds Right to Sue to Enforce Custody Treaty. Bonnie Rabin, who represented the father, said: "in the global society that we now have, this gives parents the protection they need against the fear of fleeing parents or parents who don't return after a vacation or another stay"   February 21, 2013

New York Post   The Accused “Bomb Mom” Will Now Be Able To Watch Over Her Baby…Martha Cohen Stine, Representing The Maternal Grandparents, Told The Post: “She’s a great Mom.”   February 18, 2013

New York Law Journal The Legacy of John Adams: Defending Due Process and the Rights of the AccusedAlternate Approaches Offer Promise New York has made considerable strides in both establishing and recognizing alternative approaches within its criminal justice system. These approaches not only ensure due process, but foster access to justice and rehabilitative measures for accused individuals who might otherwise be without adequate representation, advocacy or a chance for successful treatment  (Gretchen Beall Schumann)  May 2, 2011

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