Metro UK Is Sofia Vergara likely to lose her frozen embryo battle with ex Nick Loeb? Lawyers Weigh In Martha Cohen Stine, founding partner of Cohen Rabin Stine Schumann LLP in New York, says “right now, we are living in a reproductive new frontier, so many options exist for couples and individuals who face obstacles and wish to have a child.” November 15, 2018

New York Post  The Sofia Vergara Embryo Trial Could Change Men's Rights Forever  Martha Cohen Stine, a New York-based family law attorney, said fertility clinics typically require that couples sign paperwork before they begin in vitro fertilization (IVF).  The parties must check off options regarding the future of any embryos conceived, including the potential parents’ wishes to freeze, store, implant, or destroy them. It also covers what happens in the event of a separation or divorce.   September 16, 2016

New York Post    NYC Won’t Recognize Surrogate-Born Son’s Actual Parents   Martha Cohen Stine, a family-law expert . . . said “surrogacy laws in New York have not kept up with medical developments or with the reality that today, couples with fertility issues or same-sex issues have so many extraordinary options available if they want to have children.”    January 29, 2016

New York Post   Wives try to use racketeering law against rich husbands in court   “Wives try to use racketeering law against rich husbands in court ... with all these RICO cases,” predicted divorce lawyer Martha Cohen Stine.    February 16, 2015

New York Post   Judge 'gets' to preside over strikingly similar divorce case   Attorney Martha Cohen Stine, another judicial expert who is also not involved in the case, said Judge Morgenstern only has to step down if ...   January 22, 2015

New York Post    First pics of Cowell's 'baby mama' after it was revealed reality TV ... in litigation,” said noted divorce attorney Martha Cohen Stine. Another top matrimonial attorney agreed that the rare move was a pressure tactic   August 2, 2013

Us Magazine  Simon Cowell Baby: Pregnant Lauren Silverman's Mom Defends ...  August 1, 2013

New York State Law Reporting Bureau Martha Cohen Stine and Bonnie E. Rabin make law in Appellate Division, First Department in Nederlander v. Nederlander, 102 A.D. 3d 416 (2013), case of first impression involving mortgages that matured during pendency of divorce actionJanuary 3, 2013


Nederlander v. Nederlander     January 03, 2013
At issue:  Equitable Distribution, Pendente Lite/Temporary Relief
Husband in divorce action ordered to refinance or pay off half of mortgage balance

Azizo v. Azizo 
May 06, 2008

Day v. Day
December 27, 2001