N.B. v. F.W.
At issue: Estoppel and Validity of Marriage (Harriet Newman Cohen) January 4, 2019

Anonymous v. Anonymous
At issue:  Nonparty Witnesses, Amending Complaint, Pendente Lite Denied
(Evridiki Poumpouridis, of counsel)  December 27, 2018

Gunn v. Hamilton 
At issue:  Same-Sex Custody Battle, Parental Rights
Judge Rules Woman Cannot Assert Custody Rights Over Child Adopted by Ex-Partner  (Bonnie E. Rabin, Gretchen Beall Schumann and Lindsay R. Pfeffer)   April 11, 2017
Zappin v. Comfort      
At issue:  Civility and Legal Ethics       
A New York Appeals Court affirmed sanctions against husband over his conduct in divorce proceedings with his then-wife   (Harriet Newman Cohen, Attorney for the Child)   January 19, 2017  

Ozaltin v. Ozaltin
At issue:  Child Custody – Hague Convention
Daughters kept in New York in violation of Hague Convention must be returned to Turkey (Bonnie E. Rabin and Tim James)    February 11, 2013
Matter of Ozaltin v. Ozaltin, 12 2371 CV, United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit (Child Custody – Hague Convention) (Bonnie E. Rabin and Tim James)  June 11, 2012

Nederlander v. Nederlander
At issue:  Equitable Distribution, Pendente Lite/Temporary Relief
Husband in divorce action ordered to refinance or pay off half of mortgage balance (Bonnie E. Rabin and Martha Cohen Stine) January 03, 2013

Bonnie Rabin and Martha Cohen Stine make law in Appellate Division, First Department in Nederlander v. Nederlander, 102 A.D. 3d 416 (2013), case of first impression involving mortgages that matured during pendency of divorce action. New York State Law Reporting Bureau    January 03, 2013

Westreich v. Westreich
At issue:  Equitable Distribution, Spousal Support, Child Support in a High Net Worth Case   (Harriet Newman Cohen, Bonnie E. Rabin and Amanda Laird Creegan)   August 1, 2014

At issue: “Exclusive Use and Occupancy” of Marital Home During Matrimonial Litigation  (Harriet Newman Cohen, Bonnie E. Rabin, and Amanda Laird Creegan)  May 22, 2015

At issue: Court's Award of Child Support
Vulpone v. Rose  (Bonnie E. Rabin and Gretchen Beall Schumann) February 5, 2013

At issue: Child's Best Interests and Second-Parent Adoption
In Re: the Adoption of a Child Whose First Name is Chan a/k/a William (Bonnie E. Rabin and Tim James)  July 11, 2012

At issue:  Application for Financial Relief
Gering v. Tavano  (Bonnie E. Rabin and Gretchen Beall Schumann) March 20, 2012

At issue: LGBTQ Landmark Same-Sex Parental Rights
Debra H. v. Janice R.   (Bonnie E. Rabin)  May 04, 2010

At issue: Same-sex parent
Matter of Adoption of John Doe, 20  (Bonnie E. Rabin)  February 16, 2010

At issue:  Equitable Distribution
Ayoub v. Ayoub   (Harriet Newman Cohen) June 11, 2009 

At issue:  Pendente Lite Support
Azizo v. Azizo   (Martha Cohen Stine)  May 6, 2008

Williams v. Rodriquez  (Bonnie E. Rabin and Gretchen Beall Schumann) October 20, 2009

Day v. Day  (Martha Cohen Stine and Harriet Newman Cohen)  December 27, 2001