Hollywood Reporter    Filmmaker Michael Moore Ditched Arbitration With Ex-Wife Kathleen Glynn Over Movie Profits  (Bonnie E. Rabin)  September 7, 2018

New York Post  Ex-Wife Claims Michael Moore Stiffed Her Out of Movie Profits  (Bonnie E. Rabin)   September 6, 2018

New York Post  Landmark same-sex custody case sent back to lower court  June 26, 2018   (Bonnie Rabin, Gretchen Beall Schumann and Lindsay R. Pfeffer)

People Magazine  Harvey Weinstein's Ex Wants Remaining $5 Million in Child Support in Case He Goes Broke    (Bonnie E. Rabin and Harriet Newman Cohen)  December 22, 2017

New York Post   Weinstein's Ex: He's Paying For Lawyers and Not Child Support (Bonnie E. Rabin and Harriet Newman Cohen)  December 21, 2017

New York Daily News  Harvey Weinstein is a no-show as ex-wife demands $5M child support advance in court    (Harriet Newman Cohen and Bonnie E. Rabin)   December 21, 2017

Landmark parental rights custody case

(Bonnie Rabin, Gretchen Beall Schumann and Lindsay R. Pfeffer)

The New Yorker  What Makes A Parent? A brutal custody battle between two women raises questions about who has a right to rear a child—and could redefine the legal meaning of family  
May 22, 2017

Working Mother  Woman In Single Working Mom's Support Network Sues For Custody Of Child   June 12, 2017

New York Post   Attorneys Bonnie Rabin and Gretchen Beall Schumann Win in the Appellate Division in Landmark Gay Rights Case. Stay Vacated.   May 23, 2017

Gay City News  Manhattan Court Rebuffs Claim   April 27, 2017

New York Law Journal   Judge Rules Woman Cannot Assert Rights Over Child Adopted by Ex-Partner    April 20, 2017

New York Times  In Gay Rights Case, Woman to Appeal for Parental Rights to Ex-Partner's Son. Lawyers for Hamilton said they are "grateful with the thoughtful analysis by Justice Nervo, who relied on the actual evidence …and thrilled that our client can finally move forward”   April 19, 2017

Daily Mail   Woman Denied Rights To Ex-Partner's Adopted Son In Landmark Battle     April 15, 2017

Daily News  “We are relieved for our client and her child…it’s the right decision…and especially poignant with the inexplicable loss of Sheila Abdus-Salaam”. Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Frank Nervo ruled that Gunn didn’t have an “unabated plan” to adopt and raise a child with Hamilton  April 14, 2017

New York Post     Woman Loses Landmark Same-Sex Custody Battle  April 14, 2017

New York Daily News   Manhattan Woman Denied Shot At Parental Rights   April 14, 2017

New York Post    Case Moves Forward In Same-Sex Couple Battle   January 13, 2017

The Telegraph   British Woman In Manhattan Battle With Ex-Girlfriend   November 24, 2016

New York Post  Mom Asked Judge To Toss Her Ex-Girlfriend's Lawsuit  November 23, 2016

Daily News   Two Women Make Final Arguments Before Judge  November 23, 2016

The Times   Godmother Demands to be Legal Parent of Adopted Child in New York    October 23, 2016

New York Times    Complex Case Testing New York State’s Expanded Definition of Parenthood    October 18, 2016

Daily News   Mom Can't Move With Son Until Ex Makes Parental Rights Case: Judge Rules   September 1, 2016

New York Post   Johnson’s Baby Shampoo Heiress Reignites Custody Battle With Ex-Boyfriend   Bissoon’s lawyer, Bonnie Rabin, said the new custody suit is “completely avoidable and unnecessary.”  January 29, 2016

New York Daily News   Cheater or not, Pitt-Jolie custody battle will boil down to Brad's ...Another seasoned matrimonial lawyer, Bonnie Rabin, noted that "the whole world has been watching this family since its inception."  September 20, 2016

New York Post Johnson & Johnson heiress' ex turns custody battle into PDA session   As lawyers for Libet and her ex, Dr. Lionel Bissoon, met behind closed ... Bissoon's attorney Bonnie Rabin told The Post that she's hopeful…   May 12, 2016

New York Post  'We always knew he did it': Husband arrested 6 years after wife's killing      Rod Covlin's lawyer, Robert Gottlieb, said his client was absolutely ... Bonnie Rabin and Tim James are the lawyers for the suspect's parents… November 3, 2015

New York Daily News   Jon Hamm finds Britain is great in trip to London for 'Black Mirror ... to challenge the low maintenance payments the deal provides, her lawyers, Bonnie Rabin and Harriet Cohen, pointed out to the Daily News.   December 17, 2014

New York Post   Johnson Heiress Ends Wrenching 6-Year Custody War...Adoptive Father Represented By Noted Family Attorney Bonnie Rabin   Bissoon’s lawyer, Bonnie Rabin, said the new custody suit is “completely avoidable and unnecessary.” February 26, 2013

New York Law Journal   Circuit Finds Right to Sue to Enforce Custody Treaty. Bonnie Rabin, who represented the father, said: "in the global society that we now have, this gives parents the protection they need against the fear of fleeing parents or parents who don't return after a vacation or another stay"   February 21, 2013

New York State Law Reporting Bureau    Bonnie E. Rabin and Martha Cohen Stine make law in Appellate Division, First Department in Nederlander v. Nederlander, 102 A.D. 3d 416 (2013), case of first impression involving mortgages that matured during pendency of divorce actionJanuary 3, 2013

New York Daily News   Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg put IPO before 'I Do's'   “If they married the day before, it would have made a huge difference,” said Manhattan divorce lawyer Bonnie Rabin.      May 20, 2012

New York Daily News Jilted groom Steven Silverstein says former flame Kendra Platt-Lee ...   She referred all questions to her attorney, prominent matrimonial attorney Bonnie Rabin.    May 22, 2012

New York Post  Long Island mom wants adopted baby back     An attorney for the Grants — who have begun calling Esperanza by the ... from the beginning of her life,” lawyer Bonnie Rabin told The Post.    March 20, 2011

New York Times (blog)   Hoping Mediation Makes Breaking Up Easier  “By the time people have come to court, they've pretty much decided what they're doing,” said Bonnie Rabin, a divorce lawyer based in ...        February 18, 2011

New York Law Journal   Ruling Stakes Claim for New York Priority in Resolving Adoption   February 17, 2010

Fox News   Angry Broadway Wife Tries Divorce-by-YouTube Tactic    "This is absolutely a new step, and I think it's scary," said Bonnie Rabin, a divorce lawyer who has handled high-profile cases.       April 17, 2008

Associated Press Breaking Up Now Even Harder to Do Attorney Rabin says that the financial crisis has sent her and other divorce attorneys to court countless times, renegotiating agreements for clients. November 22, 2008


New York Law Journal   Automatic Orders Prevent Wrongful Asset Transfers in Divorce Actions   (by Harriet Newman Cohen, Bonnie E. Rabin and Tim James) 
July 29, 2013

New York Law Journal Marriage Equality Remains an Aspiration (by Harriet Newman Cohen, Bonnie E. Rabin and Tim James) 
August 01, 2011


Gunn v. Hamilton  (Bonnie E. Rabin, Gretchen Beall Schumann and Lindsay Pfeffer)
At issue:  Same-Sex Custody Battle, Parental Rights
Judge Rules Woman Cannot Assert Custody Rights Over Child Adopted by Ex-Partner 
April 11, 2017

Westreich v. Westreich   (Bonnie E. Rabin, Harriet Newman Cohen and Amanda Laird Creegan)
At issue:  Equitable Distribution, Spousal Support, Child Support in a High Net Worth Case   
May 22, 2015
“Exclusive Use and Occupancy” of Marital Home During Matrimonial Litigation  
August 1, 2014

Nederlander v. Nederlander  (Bonnie E. Rabin and Martha Cohen Stine)
At issue:  Equitable Distribution, Pendente Lite/Temporary Relief
Husband in divorce action ordered to refinance or pay off half of mortgage balance
January 03, 2013

Ozaltin v. Ozaltin   (Bonnie E. Rabin and Tim James)
At issue:  Child Custody – Hague Convention
Daughters kept in New York in violation of Hague Convention must be returned to Turkey
February 11, 2013

Matter of Ozaltin v. Ozaltin, 12 2371 CV, United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit (Child Custody – Hague Convention)   
June 11, 2012

In Re: the Adoption of a Child Whose First Name is Chan a/k/a William (Bonnie E. Rabin and Tim James)  July 11, 2012

Debra H. v. Janice R.    
May 04, 2010